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Dave Doni

php frameworks like Zend framework for building browser based mmo games

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I am planning to write a browser based strategy game similar to Travian but a totally different idea.
I am familiar with php and object-oriented programming in php.
I am going to use php/mysql/javascript.

Recently, I have heard people use frameworks such as Zend framework to build dynamic websites.
I looked at Zend Frameworks documentation and it was pretty good. They follow model-view-controller style.

I was wondering if you guys recommend, using framework to build these type of browser based games?

Assumptions: {

Assume that I know how to handle server side (Load balancer/application/database) across multiple servers)
Assume that I have the ability spend money on server side and handle any kind of traffic.


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if you are looking for a framework to ease development time, try Yii-Framework.

The cons of using a framework are the overhead involved.
I created a browser game without using a framework, and am planning my 2nd game without a framework too.

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Reasons that make Zend attractive to build browser based mmo games are as follow:

1) Frameworks push developers like me to follow the MVC standard and not get into lazy habits.
2) Also Zend has corporate backing. That is why I am more attracted to Zend than [Cakephp, Symphony, Codeignitor, Yii etc].

Aside from our discussion:
I was also looking at the Command and Conquer built by EA and I also noticed that they don't follow microsoft MVC.
I think game developers are not attracted to MVC. I would like to know what is the most common pattern that has high performance and used in mmorpg type of games?
Currently, I am doing my research, before I start programming the game. And I will keep you up-to-date if I find something interesting...

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