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OpenGL book on opengl api and opengl version

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I'm in search for a good book on opengl api for a global understand of opengl for my little engine in c++,i have already some experience in opengl 2.0 and in ogre and wild magic.
What do you recommend to me?
and what version i can use?
my gpu support shader model 4 but it isn't a dx 11 or opengl 5 card.
it is a 4.01 and dx 10.1 gpu.
(a nvidia gtx295).
Is a good choose using opengl 4?


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If you are using OpenGL 2, there is a big chance you use the fixed function pipeline. This is deprecated in OpenGL 3 (5 doesn't exist). In OpenGL 3, you define all vertex data (coordinates, normals, texture data) in a buffer that you transfer to the GPU. You then create a shader that draws, with input from this buffer. It will allow you access to much better performance and features, which are usually needed in a game engine.

OpenGL 4 adds some interesting new functionality, but the changes to version 3 are the important change. You are probably not going to need the functionality in version 4 for a while.

Some books still contain algorithms based on the fixed function pipelines. I would recommend the OpenGL super bible, as it only use contemporary methods. The drawback with this book is that it relies somewhat on a home-made library, hiding some of the lower levels of interaction. On the other hand, the lower levels are mostly in the way when you want to learn about various concepts.

I would also recommend the online tutorial Learning Modern 3D Graphics Programming.

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