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3D Modelling using spreadsheets

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Is there a 3D file format conversion tool out there I can use to convert spreadsheet data to a 3D format?

Preferably freeware. :)

I want to model bearings, pumps, and such and I find it easier, faster and more precise to "build" them on a spreadsheet. I do this by interrogating functions at various intervals to obtain sets of coordinates for vertices. I find this is the perfect tool for high accuracy modelling of rollers, bearings, spheres, cam lobes etc.

Naturally, the vertices aren't stored separately, uniquely. Each triangle is defined by sets of 9 coordinates, not 3 indices to an array of unique vertices. Each vertex is repeated as often as it is contained in different triangles.

I'd rather not have to write my own.

Any suggestion welcome.

Thanks a bunch!

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Thanks for the quick reply but I'd have to write my own converter, I think.

That's what I'm looking for, a converter from number data to .obj, .ply or some other simple, relatively widesread format.

I have used excel for 3D modelling in the past but I would parse and render the data myself.

I'd rather not do that now. Nor spend time writing my own converter.


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I think, if you laid your spreadsheet out appropriately, you could save as CSV and the only conversion that would be involved would be a fairly simple regex. Edited by TheUnbeliever

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