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Website-based game character management

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I'm currently working on a project in Drupal, a free and open-source content management system, which will essentially bridge certain MMO's to Drupal. I've made quite a bit of progress - the Drupal module successfully fetches and displays any character attributes (name, IP, stats) from stored character data generated by the game. The site admin(s) can decide which attributes to display through the admin panel.

So far I've implemented just an alpha version for Drupal 6. It has the most important features (mentioned above) and a few settings to tweak. It currently requires that the game it's bridged to stores its data in a MySQL database table. It also currently allows any website user to attach several game accounts to their account (with an optional admin-defined limit).

I plan to add controls to the character list. For example, give game moderators the ability to ban players through a web interface, allow players to create/delete their characters (although not customize appearance - that'd be too complex for me to bother with), and view their inventory.

I won't add this to the Drupal contrib section for quite a long time because I can't be bothered complying with their coding conventions. I use so many different languages that try to use the same coding conventions for all of them.

ATM I'm working on it with four different MMO's in mind, two of which I am an active developer of. Once I finish the module I'll license it as open-source and publicize the module. Does anyone think this will be a particularly useful module?

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