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Class header declared vector is unidentified?

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EDIT: NEVERMIND!! It seems my compiler was hiding the fact that it had a problem with vector not being a member of std. Sorry

[s]Hey i have a probably quick question.

I declared a vector<Zombie*> in my class header, but when i try to access it, i get the error that it's unidentified? This wierds me out as my other variables are perfectly accessible.

My class header:
class ZombieManager
int ZombieHP;
int nOfZombies;
std::vector<Zombie*> zombies; //array of zombies!



in my ZombieManager.cpp
ZombieManager::ZombieManager(int initZombiesSize = 50)

int nOfZombies = 0; //Works perfectly well

zombies.reserve(initZombiesSize); //error C2065 'zombies' : undeclared identifier
zombies = new std::vector<Zombie*>;


Does anyone have an explanation/solution?[/s] Edited by crovea

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