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XNA - Creating Scripting Paths for Indie Game

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Hello Everyone!

Currently, I have been working hard on a new Indie game! And I just finished adding animated movement into the game, which allows moving objects along paths. Each path is connected to a series of waypoints, and each edge can give different instructions to the object which is currectly moving along it. Think of like a ride, where each track can change the speed of the gears to create different mechanics of the object above.

To accomplish this new animated movement goal, I had to add several new scripting commands to my Indie game engine. The new commands allow me to choose some artwork, like a Palm-Tree, and tell it to move along a pre-created path system. So far, I have added rotations, translations, and scaling ability on any one path edge! This allows for multiple movements at the same time.

Also, I updated my cinematic camera system, to allow for smooth camera movement along other waypoint paths! This will allow for some cool effects, like introduction sequences.

Now, I was able to accomplish the movement paths, by creating a simple class which holds a collection of Queued items. Each item can be some scripting request, like move along this path. Then the next scripting request could be to rotate. Each of these request are then bunched up and stuck into this queue. I then have a manager class, which checks the queue each game cycle, and performs an operation on this particular scripting action! Once the request is complete, the manager will automatically take the item out of the queue.

So, with my new movement scripting system in the engine, I can simply script quick updates with a few scripting lines!

Check out my video with these new features; [img][/img]

[url=""][/url] Edited by berben12

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