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Leiter Jakab

Steering library feedback

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Hello! I'm not 100% sure this doesn't belong into AI, but it was suggested in Your Announcements to post it here. I'm working on an easy to use steering system for the Unity engine, that I call SimpleSteer. It's based on the book Artificial Intelligence For Video Games. It's still WIP, but I have made it available already. This isn't a professional project, I do this to get better at programming and because I'm interested in AI for games, so anyone can use it for free.
The reason I'm posting this is that I'm sure it could be made better, so I'm hoping to get feedback and criticism. As I wrote it's mostly for the learning experience so I appreciate any kind of correction, or suggestions. Thanks!

You can download from here:

You can find a bit of documentaiton and an example Unity project here:
[url=""][/url] Edited by Leiter Jakab

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