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c++, sdl - game editor questions

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Hello im making my first game editor and have some questions.
1 I have some const and functions like message which is simple cout, collision, openimage, xypos.. which should be accesable in every class and main, how?
2 I make twodimensional vector for storing grid, also im making option for increasing grid if needed. Increasing at botom and right was easy, however up is making problems (its changing camera going up). Im not sure if this code is ok, code should add add vector at first place at 0.

if(map[0][0]){// insert UP
vector<int> tmpvec;
tmpvec.assign(map[0].size(), 0);
map.insert(map.begin(), tmpvec);

3 I have two class menu and map, menu have options like new game, save, load . Map class is saving, loading game. Where is better to put onclick logic?

Thanks for answers

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