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Analog Xbox Controls

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MrChrisnis    340
Hi guys

I know this really should be on the epicgames UDK forums (I have posted there but have not received a reply) but I was trying to figure out how to get UDK to register my Trigger inputs on an xbox controller as Analog rather than Digital. I have tried to follow a few guides on google and stuff, but none of them seem to have worked (Might have been me doing something wrong, I have been using UnrealScript for a grand total of 5 days now because its for a project that ends on Tuesday =/)

If anybody would be able to assist me with this then I would be very grateful


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I had same problem with getting my game register the input of my ps3 analog controls, but I was using SDL library. First of all double check if windows registers your analog input. you can do that by going into control panel and finding the joystick option (dont remember which) then in advance properties you should see if it detects analog movement. for some reason on my ps3 controller it didnt detect and I had to install motioninjoy tool to get it working properly. After that windows was reading the analog and then library started to detect the analog movement. Well let me know how it works out :P
Hope that helped

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