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Clients on different platforms

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Not really feasible for anything I make but what do you think about someday, blending games together having different "roles" based on the platform you're playing on.

Basic scenario:
You play on a mobile with accelerometer which lets you be a driver. Maybe you're a taxi driver, or some other transportation driver, or if it were a mechawarrior type maybe you drive the robot (via touch screen UI and accelerometer) while your teammates on PC are gunners/rocketlaunch operators, etc. Similar for ship combat games where your teammates run cannons or artillery while you drive, or a flight game with multiple positions to fill (bomber simulation or something). Later you could login to your account from a PC and do the other roles, but not "driver" type roles.

Seems like it could be a far more immerse role playing game.

I guess the limitation would be graphics, like would PC players have to use mobile quality graphics since mobiles would be in game? I know networking-wise I've seen both PC and mobiles log into a multiplayer server, so it's do-able.

I think the bigger problem would be expecting a certain ratio of mobile and PC players, like if you design the game so each team "needs" a mobile "driver" and there aren't enough mobiles for the number of teams waiting.

Just daydreaming....:P

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You could have different graphics for different roles.

Mechs (mobile users) might have a low resolution blurry picture because it comes from some cheap high durability mech camera, while the pc players playing as human soldiers and such have high quality picture.

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