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Hybrid Game Design UPDATED: Now with Mock-ups.

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Hello, I am Fulgrate. I have been studying game design as a hobby for years and constantly designing and redesigning a particular form of game for a very long time. My real profession is Graphic Design, but Game design has a lasting appeal to it that just doesn't leave my system.

I'm nearing completion of what I think is a really great game design combining interesting elements from various genres. If I could describe it in a single sentence, it would be that it's an Action/turn-based hybrid taken to the micro level, but not quite. Over the years, I noted gameplay elements from various different games over many different genres, and gathered them together. I had a vision for a game that involved new takes on the "attack" concept and using everything I had ever learned and noted, made something that has a highly entertaining dynamic. I really went to great lengths to get this system right, it took years, but I finally have a design that I feel will interpret the vision I have had all this time in my head. An noteable intention of this system you could say is to capture the dynamics of a fight in way that is more interactive than the standard RPG/turn based system by breaking it down into states. I wasn't satisfied just playing RPGs where the opponents "take turns" exchanging attacks. It's a little more complex, but at the same time, I believe it would be easy to understand once a person plays it.

Here are some of the things that differentiate it from a normal RPG, action game, or action-rpg game.

  • The Krono meter: A time system that keeps track of every present action and possible future actions. For example, it lets you know the most optimal time for your attack by marking it on the meter, which right now, is shaped like a clock on the G.U.I.

    • Anytime Action: Most turn-based games and RPG games only let you attack when it's "your turn", the system I designed allows you to make moves at anytime. The parameters of your character will dictate how you'll interact against your opponent in terms of speed, power, and reaction time.

      • Freeze-Framing: In fighting games, you only have half a second to react to your opponents attack. In Ultranimu, if your about to be hit by a technique, you will automatically go into a "freeze-frame" mode, simulating your characters reaction speed. The higher the reaction speed, the easier it is to react. During Freeze-framing, you have several options to choose from, such as dodging, parrying/defense techniques, or using your own attack techniques to nullify the attack. A normal RPG either just lets you "take" the attack or auto-dodges for you.

        • Real time positioning: Just like an action or simulation game, there is real-time positioning, as in, you can move around freely during the fight{only stopped during freeze-framing of course}. Ranged and Melee attacks will mean even more than if it were just an RPG.

          • Frames and collision detection: Even though "freeze-framing" sounds like an rpg feature, the attacks occur in real time like a fighting game. All attacks have multiple frames. Combining this with freeze-framing and the Krono Meter, you can hit somebody at their weakest frame or charge an attack to collide with an opponent's attack right at the start of their active attack frame.{Since attacks all have start-up frames before the attack becomes active, it will really give more-depth to what moves you use against an opponent.

            These are just some of the features found in the system that I'm using for Ultranimu. Even the parameters{stats} aren't the usual "attack, defense, etc." I'm using a set of parameters that best interprets the style of this new system.

            I'm still trying to decide if dodging will be collision based like in a simulation or fighting game, where getting out of the way really means getting out of the way rather than having a stat that calculated if you dodged or not. I actually like both, so I'm still trying to decide.

            I'm quite excited with how the game has turned out and hope to gather people who are interested to bring this game to life.

            I'm especially excited about a feature within the Krono Meter, which doesn't become apparent until later in the game at higher levels, but is the most interesting design point to me.

            For some concept art that I've made on the game, heres a link to the thread:


            Possible game poster w.i.p.:

            [s]Now for some some mock-ups of some of the features I mentioned. Note that the G.U.I. design is incomplete. I'll have it finished soon once I figure out the best way to depict multiple characters on the same map.[/s]

            [s]Hmm, I can't seem to display any images from photoshop.com?[/s]

            EDIT: Okay, it's working now.

            A menu pops up from your character, in the form of a speech bubble. Here is where the action menu would be listed. It will cotain commands such as: Offense, Defense, Mobility, and so on.

            A distant opponent will be displayed your screen, having a panel border between you and them. The mini-map at the bottom would show their location.

            An attack is launched in real time and also appears on the mini-map. At anytime during its travel between you and the opponent, you can freeze-frame at anytime manually. The game does auto "freeze-frame" when it reaches your characters Reaction Limit Bubble. The RLB is the minimum distance your character can react with an action in their repertoire. The distance of the RLB is dependent on your speed and reaction parameters as well as the techniques you possess.

            Attack collisions. I'll update with a description later as I have a good summary of it written on a file I don't have available right now.

            The visual panel of the enemy is relative to their location on the minimap.

            At higher levels, "freeze-framing" takes on a whole new meaning. Note the green streak on the mini-map. In reactionary versions of "FF", everything except your character is greyed out.

            These are just quick mock ups. The real graphics will either be sprites or vector-based art that is rendered into sprites.

            Soon I'll make a thread asking if anybody is interested in working on this project. Once I do the finishing touches to the game design. Edited by Fulgrate

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