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Moe091 workshop questions

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I just got down skimming through the workshops posted on these forums trying to decide if/which to try out. It's not even much of a question of language, as I have extremely basic experience with c++ and c# and I wouldn't prefer one over the other to learn next, although I do have a couple xna questions as well.

I'm 20 now, when I was like 14-16 I spent a lot of the time on the computer learning vb and got far enough to make an extremely simple tile map editor + basic game engine. I took a 4 year hiatus and about 6 months ago I started learning Java, I'm probably only slightly better with Java than I was with vb but now have a much better understanding of object oriented programming in general.

I don't like Java enough to want it to be my best language like it is now, I plan on learning a new one very soon and c++ and c# are the two I'm deciding between, which gamedev conveniently has workshops for. Can anyone that's done both or either of them just give me an idea of what they are like, the main points I'm interested in are:

How much you learn by the end of it, how comfortable are you with the language now and how big of a game do you feel you could take on.

How hard was it to follow, are there any outdated parts that didn't work or errors that you had to search elsewhere to get help with. Is everything explained well or are there gaps in the content that you needed to fill in yourself

this one probably relates to the language more than the workshop but - how long does it take to learn relative to the other language. In order to be comfortable making basic 2d games which one would be faster to learn and how much faster. Also is one much harder to learn than the other?

Also would you guys recommend XNA for a budding indie developer? I mostly just want to be able to make PC games with relative quickness and decent performance/capabilities. Portability would be nice but isn't a priority right now. Also I don't have an Xbox although I may get one months down the road. No windows phone either. I'm also curious how fast it is to make games in XNA, compared to c++ or Java. I noticed VB was a bit faster than java and I really miss that because I'm a lazy person.

Alright that's all thanks for any replies guys

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