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Currently drafting up a 2d game, suggested tools?

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Hi gamedev. I thought I'd ask this question here, feel free to move if you think it belongs elsewhere :).

Anyways, I'm currently putting together a GDD on a 2d platformer idea i have. A few years ago i built an extremely simple sidescroller in Java. [url=""][/url]. It just has simple movement and floor collision detection (althought running it the other day seemed to prove otherwise on the floor detection). I'm thinking on perhaps re-using some of this code and continuing from there with Slick 2d. However, I'm also intrigued by perhaps developing it to work in the browser using modern javascript and perhaps one of the libraries out there. The benefits here for me would be that I am much more familiar with JavaScript as a language. I am a web developer by profession so languages such as JS and ruby are where I call home.

However, I'm wondering if you have any opinions on pros/cons of going the JS route vs a desktop language such as Java (other then stating the obvious that a desktop game coded in Java or C++ would more likely be supported). Or if there are some other frameworks you could recommend. Thanks!

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