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Professional Game Developers (Paid Research Interview)

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Good morning.

I have a client who would like to interview you on the telephone, at your convenience, anytime during the next two weeks. We are interested in gaining your perspective on the development process--platforms and tools, management, what's working, what can be improved.

This interview will last for no more than about forty minutes; we are pleased to offer to you a cash honorarium (well, a check, really) of $200 as a thank-you for your time and trouble.

I need only two minutes on the phone in order to set up this interview. I can be reached, anytime, on my cell phone--at 212.289.0087. Or, if you prefer, please forward to me a number and convenient time when I can call you.

[b][i]I promise that this is not a sales presentation, of any sort--strictly opinion research.[/i][/b] All of your feedback will be kept confidential, of course.

Thank you, and best regards,
David Leonard
David Leonard
pfc Opinion Research
New York, NY 10128
Tel: 212.289.0087
Fax: 347-438-3211

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