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[XNA][C#] Game Saving Problems, Files are too large

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Hello fellow GameDevs, I have been having a pretty big problem recently. I am trying to find the best way to save data for my map files.

Let me give you a brief example of how it works. The world consists of an array (20 x 20) of maps, and in each map, there is an array (20 x 20) of blocks. For further information, I am using [b]C#[/b], and [b]XNA[/b].

I use serialization to save the whole world but when I do, the file size is at least 170 Mb. Maybe I am doing it wrong, but I do not know why it is such a large file. If you guys could help me by giving me a better way to save data that would be awesome!

I did make it so it only generates the maps that you go into, and the file size is relatively small. But once the player starts playing the game and starts exploring, the file size will eventually be way too large.

[i][b]Thank you in advance.[/b][/i]

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What is does a block contain? Is it a block like a tile in a tile-based game, or is it a "submap"? What information are you serializing out?

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