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compiler error when using namespace with the array addon

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sylexer    112
i have the following declaration in my class

array<Mesh::TexturePlane@> pointMesh;

this gives me the following error:

[b]main.asc (14, 5) : ERR : Expected method or property[/b]
[b]main.asc (323, 1) : ERR : Unexpected token '}' [/b]

line 323 is the last line of my script.

When i remove the Namespace in the c++ "scriptEngine->SetDefaultNamespace("Mesh")"
array<TexturePlane@> pointMesh; << compiles ok

I also tested the simple array notation works with the namespace

Mesh::TexturePlane@[] pointMesh; << compiles ok

Seems like a bug in the array template addon notation.

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WitchLord    4678
Yes, I believe you're right in your analysis. The parser is likely not properly handling the scope operator in the template subtype.

I'll look into this and have it fixed as soon as possible.

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