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Remotely Connecting to a Server [SDL_net]

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Argh! So many SDL_net problems! This one is probably the most important one. I have a basic chat working. However, I'm not sure how to have clients remotely connect. I have port forwarded on my server port (9001), and replaced "localhost" with my external IP address. However, the clients are still unable to connect. If you need any code, just ask. Have you guys had the same problem?

Thanks in advance.

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You are required to allow it through your firewall for sure. When first testing, if the Windows firewall is in question at all just turn it off.

A) First test locally, with your local i.p. (e.g.
B) Next, test on the local network, say from "Family computer" ( connecting to the i.p. of "Exiled Server" (

*Forward port TCP 9001 to the i.p. for Exiled Server (e.g.*

C) Connect from a remote computer to your external i.p. (e.g.

If step [color=#ff0000][b]A [/b][/color]fails, your program is bugged.
If step [color=#008000][b]A[/b][/color] works and [color=#ff0000][b]B[/b][/color] fails, it is a firewall/antivirus related issue.
If steps [color=#008000][b]A[/b][/color] and [b][color=#008000]B[/color][/b] work and [color=#ff0000][b]C[/b][/color] fails, you have port-forwarded incorrectly.

If [b][color=#008000]A[/color][/b] , [b][color=#008000]B[/color][/b], an d [b][color=#008000]C[/color][/b] work then you win!


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