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[2D] Death Embrace

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[b]Genre:[/b] Top-Down Shooter with elements of Survival Horror
[b]Engine:[/b] ZenGL
[b]Language:[/b] Delphi
[b]Platform:[/b] Windows
[b]Open Source:[/b] No
[b]Development period:[/b] 21.02.2012 - 01.06.2012



I present my game [b]Death Embrace[/b].

I am the only participant in the project, the incumbent man-orchestra - I'm a programmer, 2D artist and writer. Although the project I'm working alone, the project will be presented on behalf of the creative association [b]AffenCode[/b]. But it is not important, perhaps, will tell more about the game.


Death Embrace is a Top-Down Shooter in the style of Survival Shooter with elements of Survival Horror. The game take place in the near future, some - in 2015-2020. World shocked biological catastrophe caused by the capture of a terrorist organization by several biological laboratories. In the world come The Zombie Apocalypse. The standard plot, the standard idea, I know.

The game hasn't a plot. The game is some levels, the purpose of which - as long as possible to hold out until rescue, fighting off parallel to the huge number of zombies.




[b]Download links:[/b]
- [url=""]Death Embrace v1.1 (Russian)[/url]
- [url=""]Death Embrace v1.1 (English)[/url]
- [url=""]Death Embrace Sources[/url]

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