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Help needed for developing debut game!

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Hi all. Phoenix Alpha Game Studios is creating its debut game and is building a small team to get this out there. I am looking for a coder/s and a modeler to help create this zombie suirvival FPS. if you are interested, please visit I am new to game development and have stated a company named Phoenix Alpha Game Studios (Part of Phoenix Alpha Limited) and need all the help i can get. I have started to lean UDK and am in the middle of completing the first map for the game which i plan to release as a demo/beta. At the moment, i am on my own in the company, i am the Managing Director of Phoenix Alpha Limited and lead designer if you will. Please get back to me as i know that Phoenix Alpha Game Studios will be a big success with the 3 game ideas i have. This work will not be unpiad but for more info, please visit or reply to this post.

Thanks in advance!

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