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Realtime metaballs rendering on Android

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Hi, i implemented realtime metaballs rendering for android devices. I made live wallpaper and called it Metaballs HD coz there was no such realizations on the market.
The main problem i got is the performance, especially on arm5 and 1core cpu devices.

For arm5 i simulated float-point arithmetics as int and for 1core cpus implemented complex optimizations of standart marching cubes alhorithm. But i am still not sure it works fast enough on low-performance devices.

These optimizations include linear memory usage, adjacent edge calculations for storing already calculated points and half grid size calculations according z axes direction.

If you have android phone or some suggestions about any more optimizations, please help me improve my wallpaper. Thanks.

P.S. [i]can be downloaded [url=""]here[/url][/i] Edited by Hamster Beat

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