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Game packaging

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dejanribic    102
Hey everyone!

I have a rather simple query!

What would go into packaging my simple C++/SDL video game so that it can be used on any windows running pc?

It was developed using C++ and the SDL libraries (main, ttf and image) in CodeBlocks 10.05.

I realise I would have to include the .dlls and all the images/fonts I use probaly...anything else? And how would I go about doing that! :)

Thanks in advance!

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larspensjo    1561
I use [url=""]Inno Setup[/url], and I am quite happy about it (license free). If you also need Microsoft C runtime libraries, download the installation exe files from Microsoft, include it in the deliverables, and have it execute automatically in the installation process. It is easy to clean up temporary files that are no longer needed afterwords.

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