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What was you'r first ever game made?

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I'm interested what people have made as their FIRST games? It doesn't have to be finished games!

-Name of the game
-What was the idea/objectives/story for the game, how far did you get with making it?
-How much time have you spend on it, and how long ago was it?
-Any Videos or Pictures of it?
-What did you learn from the process, and how much do u know compared to back then?

Let me share with my first ever game [img][/img]

Game is called "Square Man"
Objective for it to shoot another player, since I've done only dos text based games before I had no idea about 2d graphics. In face I used windows.h for graphics. The whole game is made from colored squares that you can do with windows.h. Yes I know I was such a noob, but I had no idea about SDL or libraries like that!

I've spend about 5 days on the game, and I made it 2 and a half years ago [img][/img].

Video of the game:

I've learnt tons! I can make pretty much ANY 2d game I want. I've pretty much mastered SDL library. I know pretty decent amount of OpenGL. I am working on OpenGL game at the moment. All I have to say, I was complete noob back then. But it's unbelievable how much i learnt during last 2 years!

Can't wait too see you're first games and read about them! [img][/img] Edited by iLoveGameProgramming

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Well, a friend of mine came into the 6th form study room a few weeks ago with his take on click the monkey that he did in Game Maker Pro with no code (hell he doesn't understand console.writeline, console.readline as a concept). So I cloned it in VB.NET, not having any graphics libraries or knowing how to use them I decided to do it in windows form moving a label around the screen :D Btw, his so called "Novel" take on click the monkey was click quagmire. Had a family guy background and family guy theme tune looping in the background and quagmire said giggedy whenever you clicked him.

First version took me half an hour to have it fully working with current score and high score shown (high score wasn't saved to file but I probably could have added that easily enough, I'm more than familiar enough with file IO to save a simple number). Animation wasn't smooth at all, it just jumped quagmire to his new location (started to look weird as he jumped further distances each click) but hey, I'm using Forms and a timer control to do it.

I don't seem to have the source anymore or any screens (got the 2 pictures and the 2 sounds I used still though) but it was genuinely awful.

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Not sure if you saw this thread


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