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Free "RPG esque" Background Music

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Made some music a while back for an "action anime RPG game" but the director of the game wanted music more arcade-like (with metal guitars strumming in the background and cheesy synths). I straight-up told him that I felt it would not be a good direction for the game (as it was a really impressive one) and I wouldn't make such music knowing the music he wanted wouldn't fit. I couldn't have that on my consciousness. He politely informed me that there were others that would make his music. So that was that.

So anyways, I have music free to use and currently only a few:[list]
[*]3 alternative title screen pieces
[*]2 alternative "gear"/mech dungeon level pieces
[*]1 catacombs piece
[url=""]Download the current Archive.[/url]

Just slap my name somewhere and include the copyright .html files in your game. I do plan on expanding this library to be a full-fledge free-to-use background-music-for-games library, so when I make more pieces, I'll either update here or make a new post.

Enjoy. Edited by KanonBaum

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