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Unconnected or connected Datagram for MMORPG ?

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andrei94    134
Hello everyone!

Im kinda new to network programming ... i've read a lot of tutorials and now i have doubts about : what is the fastest way on UDP port ...and best for MMORPG or games with kinda many players... connected datagrams or unconected ? what's best send()/sendto() in speed term and usability ?


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hplus0603    11356
"connected" UDP sockets simply means that you don't have to specify the destination address when sending the UDP datagram -- you can use send() instead of sendto(). There is no speed difference.
On a server, or any other system that talks to more than one other system, "connected" UDP sockets just get in the way. I never end up using them.
There is no measurable performance difference.

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