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Learning Game development

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rychh    101
This is my first post here so hello.
I was hoping you folks could help me out, i want to take a course in game development whether thats a degree or some other course (i just want to learn it and im not too bothered about the piece of paper you get) but im currently doing an apprenticeship thats 3 days a week and i want to fit a course around that.
i live in london and it seems like it s really hard to find a decent course that isnt too expensive or full time. so i wanted to know whats the best way to learn in this situation? as self study seems like its a good idea but knowing how to start with that and knowing what to learn next is a bit over whelming with all the info that's on the internet.

Thanks in advance

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6677    1054
Take a look at post number 8 here (the freaking huge one)
It was aimed at a different question but might be useful to read through ;)

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