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where to start in 3d software development ?

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where to start in 3d software development . how to develop particle system ,cloth simulation and effects things like that, but i have no idea where to start yes i did googled it, but there is every thing about game programming etc nothing about 3d software development...
books or anything will be helpful thanks
please let me know if my question is wrong !
i know c/c++ and c# !

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Do you want to learn how to build a 3D engine, or how to use a modern 3D engine?

If you want to get into the grittyness of building your own openGL engine, larspensjo's link is a small start. The title is really misleading though. "Modern" just means its not the old openGL 2.1, but rather 3.3 or 4.2. They only write about how to work the basics in GL, not how to actually build any advanced systems like particle rendering or even skeleton animations.

As I've only skimmed through larspensjo's link on an earlier occasion, I can't vouch for how good it is at what it does explain. I bought the [url=""]OpenGL Superbible[/url] and learned from that. I highly recommend it. It is also merely about how opengl works, and not how you really put it to practice. It takes you through how a modern GL pipeline works, how to set up shaders and things like that.

IMO, there's generally more information to be had from reading books than things on the internet. It's rare to find anything that's gone through the same scrutiny as something put into print. Regarding later versions of OpenGL it's almost impossible to find anything that's up to date and not using old deprecated stuff (pre gl3.3).

I don't know much about 3D engine architecture, so my only suggestion is to google for books and find reviews about them. ..and then buy them of course. Edited by Zoomulator

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