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idTech 4 Community Dev Kit

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For the past few months I've been working on a project called the "idTech4 Community Developers Kit", which has a sole purpose of enhancing the idTech 4 engine and creating streamlined toolset for asset creation using the engine. Some of the highlighted features currently implemented are:

A lot of the front end code has been moved over to c# from MFC.
In-Editor Virtual Texture Paint Tools
Heavily modified DMap(bsp compile process).

Virtual Texturing up to 65k x 65k
GLSL Gpu code(was legacy ARB shaders).
Deferred Renderer
Soft Shadow Mapping
Hi-Res Guis(before guis were capped at 640x480 -> now 1280x720).

64bit and 32bit support(the tools only work on x64 cpu's).

Enhanced vehicle code.
Tighter editor integration.
Other misc features such as the game handles stuff like the load screen.

The purpose of this project is to eventually compete with UDK, Unity, etc, by enhancing idTech 4 with a streamlined set of tools, enhancments in Visual Quality, and porting the engine to multiple platforms should hopefully give the engine the power of Unreal and the portability of Unity. Granted these are crazy goals but at the very least its a project that I can try various things on see how they work without the pressure of a publisher breathing down my neck.

I just actually knocked out the vt paint tool over the last week and uploaded a video of it and I was wondering if I could get some critiques. I don't ever like announcing a project before its solid and ready to use but since I'm between jobs at the moment I really want to use this project as a portfolio piece. I've been getting a lot of feedback from my forums and doom3world but I'm looking for more critical critiques tongue.png.

Some of up front stuff:
All the art is made by me which makes programmer art, I probably should higher a professional artist to knock out content for this.
The "red glowey sections" are areas that aren't painted.
Currently I don't actually use a normal map for bump mapping, but rather some automated normal map gen code that gets ran on the GPU, this will change now that I have the vt paint tool in.

VT In-Editor paint demo + 65k in game vt.

If you want to see other content I have up:
blackenmace.com Edited by LiveAndFight

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