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What do you think of this Parameters set?

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It's going to be:

HP: Durability Limit.
EN: Energy Limit.
FO: Focus Limit.{Involved with reaction}

^ All the above stats are constantly regenerating every tick/frame.

Offense: Attack Power, doesn't matter if its power based, or strength base, those will be determined by technique and form stats.
Defense: Defensive Power. Determined by both hide and weapon. Even though weapon defense from parrying is added, because of the frame states feature, the defense number will drop to the base hide defense sometimes.

Accuracy: Aiming Ability. Determined by technique and form stats, such as if the character has bird's eye vision, psychic intuition, and so on.
Agility: Dodging Ability. Not always about light and fast. Some characters can achieve good dodge rates via other means.

Reflex: Reactionary speed of the character. Might have the name changed as it also does other things like helping in Psi techs in an offensive manner. Maybe "Mind".
Attack Speed: I'll come up with a better name later, but its based on the highest rate of attack of a character or the base cooldown between attacks. Stat heavy techniques will have greater cooldowns, and having high attack speed helps against it. Also multiplies off technique speed, so an attack will move faster. Right now trying to determine if that is actually something seperate or if it belongs in the stat above this.

Range and Mobility were originally stats of their own, but they are too closely related to Accuracy and Agility. Accuracy helps with a techniques range. For mobility, although not the same as agility/dodging, still has some affect in overall speed. Mobility is usually top speed, wether the character has low or high acceleration. Range itself is too technique dependent. Melee attacks won't be affected.

Form stats, because characters come in different shapes and sizes, this also has an affect on fighting ability.

Frame, Power, Psi. These three stats help with the stat calculations of the above and is involved with all technique calculations.

For example, two character have the technique "Punch", yet it will behave different for these very two characters due to their differing FPP. Character A has accuracy and attack speed, but low offense. Punch also only calculates of "Frame", and A's frame is average. Character B has similar stats, but their frame is double that of A's, and what occurs is that the attack is far more effective by being higher in overall attack power.

A technique will calculate off whatever stats it is relevant too. For example, Punch is offensive, so the FRAME stat multiplies on its offensive power, the fighting parameters relevant are Offense, Accuracy, and Attack Speed. For some techniques, such as Mind's Eye, only Reflex is involved and it's multiplied off PSI.

Some other techniques will use more than a single form stat, like multiplying off Frame and Power at the same time.

An example of what standard techniques determine what stats they use.

Normal Attacks{Like punching{20, 90, 50), kicking(60, 90, 30), tail swipes(X, 120, 10, etc.}: Offense, Accuracy, Attack Speed. Form Stat: FRAME.
Energy Attacks{Lasers, energy bursts, etc.}: Offense, Accuracy, Attack Speed. Form Stat: POWER.

Less standard technique:
Normal/Energy Attack{Sword Slash with energy}: Offense, Accuracy, Attack Speed. Form Stat: FRAME + POWER.

Unconventional Attacks would look like this:
Energy Roll: {A heavily armored critter does a homing roll like a deranged, sentient bowling ball}: Offense + Defense, Accuracy, Attack Speed, Reflex. Form Stat: FRAME + POWER + PSI.

^With this attack, Offensive and Defensive power determine total attack, Accuracy and attack speed, helps since it its an offensive attack. There are a lot of unconventional attacks in this game, for example, the way "slow but strong characters" can achieve dodge rates equal to a nimble character through a technique that uses Offensive Power to lunge a character.

Also, the more stats a technique uses and/or the higher the values of the techniques own stats, the higher the cost of the attack.

Techniques have their own, independent stats that multiply off the characters stats, but they will only possess the relevant stats to their function. Their are also independent stats, such as range, velocity, splash damage/area of affect, that is indirectly determined by the character's parameters.

Also, this system is a simplified version of the system I designed for the game were it to be 3D. In that system, it's quite different and possibly un-user friendly,{although I myself like it.} For the 2D version, I'm going with this system in order to make it as user friendly and appealing as possible.

Also, something I want to borrow from the 3D version is another set of stats that determine values not representable by the above stats. Skill, Spirit, and Intellegence. These three "parameters" are the most relevant to the "frame feature" of the game. For example, Skill and Spirit's values determine some exciting things in the game such as stats that are more stable through out the frame states and from Spirit, Desperation power-ups that last momentarily{several frames} to the rest of the fight{depending on how you set of your spirit abilities, as its actually more like a gride where you fit "abilitis" into, same goes for Int and Skill, which house abilities pertaining to other things.}, but can help an underdog user against a character with higher stats who happens to be trying to eliminate them for no reason or for the "fun of it".{I think its called griefing in some games?}

Intellegence houses your technique capacity and other intellegence related abilities. So you could set it to have your character be able to hold over 50 techniques, making them extremely versatile{extremely hardcore players will probably do this.}. It's possible to have up to 200 techs, but at that point, you either watered down the techniques themeselves unless you have the stats to back them up or you set them up in a way that they synergize.{In this system, its possible to shotgun fire multiple techniques at the same time.} So 20 offensive techniques might be combined into a single, powerful technique. This can be done by setting it up in an attack costumization menu. Reason for wanting to do this is if you are unable to attain an extremely powerful attack due to the parameters, and decide to make a pseudo-omni attack by combining various, lesser techniques, or if you just want to eliminate multiple enemies by showing off that you can release a wide-range attack of multiple techniques over a large area. Even if you achieve the same destructive power, you wouldn't really be able to win against a real ultimate attack as it would dismantle the chimera attack easily even if they are equal in power. This is a weakness to being able to have over a hundred techniques and being able to combine a glob of them into an "ultimate attack." Their are many unorthodox features like this in the game.

I think the most interesting feature will be the frame states. It will ultimately determine the outcome of a fight if a player can position themselves and attack at the right frames.

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EDIT: I have three versions of the 2D parameters system. But now I'm thinking maybe I should use the other. :{ Edited by Fulgrate

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