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George Monroe


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hello All;
i dont know where to ask this question, forgive and redirect me as needed.

windows 7 runs direct x 11
my video card runs direct x 10. nvidia 9500gt pci-e
the game i play is Americas Army 3 which runs in direct x 9.

is this configureation going to cause performance issues as there are three versions of direct x handling going on. should i drop to windows xp while playing this game or can these three direct x versions work with each other?

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Share on other sites is a forum dedicated to game developers, so this kind of question doesn't really apply as a relevant question here. The best place to ask this would probably be the "[url=""]GDNet Lounge[/url]" section.

Anyway to answer your question: No it won't cause significant performance issues, in fact I'm guessing it might even run faster because there might be improvements in the new drivers. Edited by TiagoCosta

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