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Real Time Audio Analysis in Wwise

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EstevanL    113
Hi all. I'm working on a music visualizer and I need spectrum/spectral data from an audio stream. For reasons that I don't want to get into, it's very convenient for me to use Wwise for the audio component of this project. Does anyone know if on the code side of things, I can get spectrum/spectral data from a stream as it plays through Wwise? I've looked through the documentation and just can't seem to find a straight up and down answer.

If this won't work, is there something else I should use that plays nice with Unreal?

I know I could break the file up myself and sync it by hand, feeding it to Winmm out and displaying the corresponding block but that sounds painful.

Also, I do have a last resort of using Winmm in to capture the default recording device and plugging an iPod into the microphone port.

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tomernation    101
I'm sure Wwise has something like this. I know fmod does with FMOD::System::getSpectrum. This is from their documentation:
[source lang="cpp"]FMOD_RESULT System::getSpectrum(
float * spectrumarray,
int numvalues,
int channeloffset,

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