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Hi everyone im new

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well like i have in my tag im new and the reason i joined was because ive been thinking of becoming a game developer or atleast getting a career in gaming. at the moment im currently working on an associates degree in computer science but im thinking of getting a bachlours degree in computer multimedia developement or web development. my question is what should i study to get into the gaming industry. can web and multimedia development work or should i get a degree in game design? im not so shore about that last one mostly because its a very specific degree and the colleges that seem to promote them arent really that good. any advice? im sure my ignorance on the subject is quite aparente so if i can get any advice or id apriciate that.

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excuse my spelling im kind of in a hurry

Then you should have waited until you had more time. As regards to the questions you asked, I'm moving this to the Breaking In forum. You should read the FAQs there.

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You sound like "I must to study something (degree) to become someone in the game industry!"
You don't need to study at university to become a developer. Obviously studying something will help you to learn the "theory" part.
But basically you need to practice a lot, after learning the concepts.

Decide what do you want to be... a general list
-Game designer
-Level Designer
-Sound Engineer / Composer
-Game Tester

I suppose you want to be a programmer because you mentioned about "computer science".

So you have 2 options if you want a job ( work + money )
-Game development company
-Indie game developer

If your choise is "Definitely, I want to be a game programmer in a big company like Ubisoft"
You should continue with computer science, and beginning to make a portfolio showing your skills as a programmer.
You should learn a engine like UDK, Unity, or CryEngine, and also their respective languages, UnrealScript, C++, C#, JavaScript...
Probably, your first job will not be in a big company with a big position... You have to start at the side of the mountain and then begin to climb it.

If your choise is "I don't want to help making boring games like MW3!"
You have two options:
-Make a indie team
-Join a indie team

If you want to make it, you have to know obviously How to make a game!
If you want to join a team, you have to know obviously How to perfom the position

There are a lot of positions:
-AI programmer
-Graphics programmer
-Sound programmer
-Gameplay programmer
-UI programmer
-Network programmer
And so on...

My advice
Start to making small games in 2D with a specific programming language.
For example:
-Games with Python using Pygame
-Games with C# using XNA
-Games with Java
-Games with C using Allegro
-Games with C++ Using SFML
And so on

There are a lot of tutorials around the web, and many books, ebooks, about these languages/tools/APIs.

If you need more help or information you can go to the beginners forum.

Good luck! wink.png Edited by riverreal

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