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Game Engine's For Beginners

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Fallenrat    85
Ok so lately i've seen alot of
[*][i]What game engine do I chose?[/i]
[*][i]Beginner Game Engine?[/i]
[*][i]Starting game engine?[/i]
[*][i]Beginner to game programming (need help)[/i]

Threads on the forums and was replying to most helping them out but it felt like I was spamming, so for anyone that needs help deciding on a game engine. Go to [url=""][/url] and look at the top article there. [url=""][/url] if i've posted heaps by the time you read this.

It contains the info you need to decide on which game engine you need to start with.

[*]Coding (None-Low-High)
[*]Beginner Friendly?
[*]Tutorials Amount
Soon i'm going to post an article more in-depth on each of the game engine's.

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Dream Cutter    236
Definitely look into CopperCube 3 by Amberia. Its a 3D game engine that you can make a game by programming the JS using a menu based interface programming. I just recommended same to another user on another thread here, I don't want to seem like i'm plugging them cause I am not affiliate or anything just a user that made his first 3d game with it. Its is a 3d mini game, where pigs are battling for control of a hilltop apple tree but it runs and plays great in HTML 5 on a web page. (Fast PC graphics card recommended). But it was really fun and I m already working on the next levels and a separate castle game.

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