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Phor: Magic, Monsters and Cats

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[size=5]Basic Idea[/size]

[b]Title:[/b] Phor
[b]Website:[/b] [url="http://phorgame.wordpress.com/"]http://phorgame.wordpress.com/[/url]
[b]Genre:[/b] hack-and-slash, adventure, fantasy, RPG
[b]Style:[/b] 2D, side-scrolling, pixels
[b]Players:[/b] 1 (for the time being)
[b]Programming Language:[/b] C++ and SFML
[b]Production Team: [/b]1 programmer, 1 musician, 1 artist

[size=5]Detailed View[/size]

Many lifetimes ago, before the wind and the rain and the Sun, a god dwelled in vast nothingness. He sat, bored, arguing with himself as worlds were born beneath his feet. But then a world drifted past his eyes and he was bored no more.

He had so many ideas of what to do with the planet, yet he could not decide. And so he split into two separate entities: Kelcaria of strength and harmony, and Nystellon of wisdom and spirit. The new gods took it upon themselves to watch over the world and its people.

Nystellon’s people – the elegant and beautiful Nymphari – quickly delved into the mysteries of magic, whilst the people of Kelcaria – the brave and noble Kelcar – focused their energies on natural powers. The civilisations thrived together, building cities both above and below ground. But Nystellon believed he was destined for more.

He made the Nymphari declare war, and chased the Kelcar from his lands. Whilst the Kelcar ran to wastelands and other undesirable locations, Kelcaria himself fled from the world, betraying his once courageous people and leaving them to fend for themselves.

As his power grew, Nystellon’s malice leaked through into the Nymphari, corrupting their once pure minds and graceful bodies. They became twisted, beast-like... An army of cruel fiends helplessly bound to the whims of their master.

The few Kelcar that remained banded together and swore to rebuild the lives of their kind. You are a Kelcar and maybe - just maybe - you can help.

Our idea is Phor - a 2D, side-scrolling game in which you fight monsters, find items, craft items and try to save the world. There are many different biomes to visit, each with their own unique enemies, music and graphics.

In the game, there are 10 Nymphari generals spread over the world who must be defeated - each general has a different fighting style, difficulty level and strategy required. There will be a storyline to follow, as well as random biomes to clear.

The player will be able to customise their appearance (hair colour, hair style, sex), equip different weapons and armour, craft items and combine magic runes to create spells. Between story levels and random levels, the player will return to a village: an area where he/she can edit their inventory, create items (as above) and speak to multiple NPCs. As the story progresses, the village will grow.

Also, there will be bosses. A lot of bosses.

Production has already started, but we are still in the jurassic stages of pre-alpha development. We are hoping to have this project finished by the end of Summer (due to time-consuming commitments such as university), so feedback, constructive criticism and support would be greatly appreciated.

Please keep an eye on our blog [url="http://phorgame.wordpress.com/"]http://phorgame.wordpress.com/[/url] for game, music and art updates.

[b]Thank you for reading.[/b]

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