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Beginning with slick: Enemy help

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Hello! I just recently signed up for this forum and I was hoping someone may be able to help me out with an issue Ive been having. I just recently started using Slick2d and LWJGL, and I've been following the tutorials at thenewboston.com which are amazing. I finished the tutorials and the "game" looks just like it does in the video, however I decided to play around and try adding an enemy (well really just a different color model of the main character) however when I draw it to the screen it just follows the main character when he moves, staying in exactly the same place and just having its co-ords change with the main character. here is the code for the game:

package javagame;
import org.newdawn.slick.*;
import org.newdawn.slick.state.*;
public class Play extends BasicGameState{

Animation bucky, movingUp, movingDown, movingLeft, movingRight, enemy, enemymoveup, enemymovedown, enemymoveleft, enemymoveright;
Image worldMap;
boolean quit = false;
int[] duration = {200,200};
float buckyPositionX = 0;
float buckyPositionY = 0;
float shiftX = buckyPositionX+320;
float shiftY = buckyPositionY+160;
float enemyposX = 0;
float enemyposY = 0;
float enemystartX=enemyposX+100;
float enemystartY=enemyposY+100;

public Play(int state){


public void init(GameContainer gc, StateBasedGame sbg) throws SlickException{
worldMap = new Image("res/world.png");

//bucky animations
Image[] walkUp = {new Image("res/buckysBack.png"), new Image("res/buckysBack.png")};
Image[] walkDown = {new Image("res/buckysFront.png"), new Image("res/buckysFront.png")};
Image[] walkLeft = {new Image("res/buckysLeft.png"), new Image("res/buckysLeft.png")};
Image[] walkRight = {new Image("res/buckysRight.png"), new Image("res/buckysRight.png")};
//creating the animations
movingUp = new Animation(walkUp, duration, false);
movingDown = new Animation(walkDown, duration, false);
movingLeft = new Animation(walkLeft, duration, false);
movingRight = new Animation(walkRight, duration, false);
//default position for bucky: forward
bucky = movingDown;

//enemy animations
Image[] enemyup = {new Image("res/enemyback.png"), new Image("res/enemyback.png")};
Image[] enemydown = {new Image("res/enemyfront.png"), new Image("res/enemyfront.png")};
Image[] enemyleft = {new Image("res/enemyleft.png"), new Image("res/enemyleft.png")};
Image[] enemyright = {new Image("res/enemyright.png"), new Image("res/enemyright.png")};

//creating enemy animations.
enemymoveup = new Animation(enemyup,duration,false);
enemymovedown = new Animation(enemydown,duration,false);
enemymoveleft = new Animation(enemyleft,duration,false);
enemymoveright = new Animation(enemyright,duration,false);
//default enemy position: forward
enemy = enemymovedown;

public void render(GameContainer gc, StateBasedGame sbg, Graphics g) throws SlickException{
//drawing world map.

//drawing bucky
bucky.draw(shiftX, shiftY);

//showing co-ords so we can see where the hell we are
g.drawString("Bucky's X: "+buckyPositionX+"\nBucky's Y: "+buckyPositionY, 400, 20);
g.drawString("enemy's X: "+enemyposX+"\nenemy's Y: "+enemyposY, 400, 60);
//the exit menu
if(quit == true){
g.fillRect(230, 80, 200, 160);
g.drawString("Resume (R)", 250, 100);
g.drawString("Main Menu (M)",250,150);
g.drawString("Quit Game (Q)", 250, 200);

//drawing first enemy


public void update(GameContainer gc, StateBasedGame sbg, int delta) throws SlickException{
Input input = gc.getInput(); //stores all keyboard and mouse input for the game container

buckyPositionY += delta *.1f;
enemyposY -= delta *.1f;
if(buckyPositionY > 162){
buckyPositionY -=delta *.1f;


buckyPositionY -= delta *.1f;
enemyposY += delta *.1f;
if(buckyPositionY < -600){
buckyPositionY +=delta *.1f;

buckyPositionX += delta *.1f;
enemyposX -= delta *.1f;
if(buckyPositionX > 324){
buckyPositionX -= delta *.1f;


buckyPositionX -= delta *.1f;
enemyposX += delta *.1f;
if(buckyPositionX < -840){
buckyPositionX += delta *.1f;


if(quit == true){



public int getID(){
return 1;


whenever I run this the enemy which is a red shirted little devil stays in his location (which is a bit to the left and up from the main character spawn) and just moves with the main character as you hold left, right, up, or down.

Can anyone provide any information about this and how to prevent it from happening?

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