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TTFText 1.1 : Advanced 3d Text for Unity in the Asset Store now.

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[font=Arial, Helvetica,]

This is the new release of the TTF Text : The most powerful package to do 3d-texts in Unity.
Three months after our initial release TTFText 1.0, we come up with a new important release.[/font]

[font=Arial, Helvetica,]

We would like to thank all our early-adopters for their comments and their support.
TTFText has received a very warm welcome. We believe it can now be considered as
the best extension for 3d-Text in Unity.[/font]

You can have a look at some of the main features of the package by viewing :

[font=Arial, Helvetica,]

Here are the important new features, you will find in TTF Text 1.1.:
We provide now advanced text layouts nor only allowing you to align long text
on left, right, centered, or to make it justified, totally justified. We also
provide advanced typographic gray control, by allowing to set up the extra
white spaces are distributed.

TTF Text now has a markup language and it support styles !
For instance[/font]


[font=Arial, Helvetica,]

will create
a style name bubbly for you and will allow you to modify it.
Styles are like CSS, they can be shared by different texts
and they affect only the modified parameters.
You may also accesss / and modify property directly by saying for instance[/font]

<@Size=*1.5@>big<@Size=*1.5@>bigger<@Size=*1.5@>even bigger<@pop@><@pop@><@pop@> back to normal...

[font=Arial, Helvetica,]

We have added new demo scenes showing examples of styles with animated text.
We have also added some prefabs, and standard demo scripts to create typewriter-like flying text,
mess and reorder letters, spiral texts...

Finally, we are releasing a new and unmissable "Deluxe" edition that contains all the unmissable features of TTFText in a binary form with more than 50% rebate. It has been submitted to the asset store and it is still under review but it shall appear "on sale" within next hours.

Of course all the previous features are still there:
- Extrusion, bevel, outlines,
- Support for non-western fonts and asiatic,
- Control of interpolation / decimation,
- Compatibility with Megafiers,
- Free Embold and slants,
- Support for all platform,
- and ...

For more information: http://ttftext.computerdreams.org/[/font] Edited by bnouvel

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