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Just Curious, Commercial 2D game question.

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I would just like to ask if what is the most or commonly used SDK when developing a commercial 2D game in PC these days?
well I have been doing Direct3D for a while(8+) and haven't done any 2D games in years,
my last 2D game was back when DirectDraw is the norm and also using the written a simple 2D engine using GDI.
I am not considering flash or HTML5(I am also developing a 2D game for my approved Win8-Metro) because
the requirement from my client is a full screen 2D game(similar to Plants vs Zombies), that can be distributed
and be played on lower version of Windows, Im looking at the most common tools such as Alegro, SDL or even XNA,
But my question is what most of the commercial 2D games are being used
these days?
By the way, I dont lack experience in games development, im just curious on the "standard" of the industry smile.png

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Lower version of Windows seems synonym for casual gamer. In that range you'll mostly find games that use Direct3d or OpenGL to do all their 2d rendering.
Even older systems can easily cope with that, as long as you stay clear from shaders.

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SDL, openGL or directx most likely

XNA just wraps driectx 9 under the hood anyway.
XNA is damn nice but of course its windows, xbox 360 and windows phone only. If cross platform support is required then there is also monogame which is pretty much the same style framework as XNA but on mono (so mac, windows and linux compatibility, windows 8 metro is coming very soon as is PS Vita support, also works with android and iOS), under the hood it wraps openGL instead of directx. However its not quite as developed as XNA is but its still very good (bastion for mac and linux is ported to monogame from xna) and your client is only specifying windows so xna might be way to go there. Edited by 6677

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