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Importing Lua functions into Java with LuaJ.

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I have a Lua file filled with a couple of functions, and I'm using LuaJ to execute these scripts via Java. I'm able to get Java functions to work within Lua, but how would I call a Lua function from Java?

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Depends on how you're using the API. Straight from the example in the Javadocs, you'd do something like:
LuaValue globals = JsePlatform.standardGlobals();
LuaValue sqrt = globals.get("math").get("sqrt");
LuaValue print = globals.get("print");
LuaValue d = a ); LuaValue.valueOf("sqrt(5):"), a );
It looks like [i]LuaValue[/i] is your transport to the Lua layer - it contains most of the overloads you'd need. You grab the function you want and then execute a [i]call[/i] on it with the arguments you wish to pass.

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