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timer system

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i'm searching for an efficent timer system for using it in a opengl graphics application.
There is something already done?or open source?
I'm using c++.

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What features do you look for in a "timer system"?

If you're using a compiler that supports C++11, then take a look at [tt][url=]std::chrono::high_resolution_clock[/url][/tt]: High resolution precision, and cross-platform. If your compiler doesn't support C++11, then you might consider using boost's version of [tt]std::chrono[/tt], [tt][url=]boost::chrono[/url][/tt].

If none of these are viable options, then you'll be stuck writing platform-specific code. In win32, it's [url=]QueryPerformanceCounter[/url], QueryPerformanceFrequency, timeGetTime, GetTickCount, and etc. In a POSIX system, it's apparently [url=]clock_gettime[/url].

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