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FriendlyName of wave in IXACT3WaveBank and Microsoft Cross-Platform Audio Creation Tool

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There is a big problem with Microsoft Cross-Platform Audio Creation Tool. Please see this image:

I have 4 *.wav files in the wave bank and the names of the files are 'bankrut', 'gong' etc.
However when I set those strings to the GetWaveIndex('bankrut') etc. I get XACTINDEX_INVALID as XACTINDEX instead of number 0,1,2,3.
So I check whatt friendlyNames of XACT_WAVE_PROPERTIES are in this way:

[i]XACTINDEX pNumWaves = 0;
wBank->waveBank->GetNumWaves(&pNumWaves); //it returns me proper value - 4
XACT_WAVE_PROPERTIES prop1, prop2, prop3, prop4;
wBank->waveBank->GetWaveProperties(0, &prop1);
wBank->waveBank->GetWaveProperties(1, &prop2);
wBank->waveBank->GetWaveProperties(2, &prop3);
wBank->waveBank->GetWaveProperties(3, &prop4);

XACTINDEX index1 = wBank->waveBank->GetWaveIndex("bankrut"); //I get XACTINDEX_INVALID
XACTINDEX index2 = wBank->waveBank->GetWaveIndex("gong"); //the same
XACTINDEX index3 = wBank->waveBank->GetWaveIndex("final_lost"); //the same
XACTINDEX index4 = wBank->waveBank->GetWaveIndex("countdown"); //the same[/i]

and they all are very strange because they are 'EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE', they don't correspond to the tool names. As far as the rest data of XACT_WAVE_PROPERTIES are concerned, they correspond to the tool's properties (channels, bit, sample rate etc.). The problem is only in friendlyName data. So does anybody knows if it is a bug of Microsoft Cross-Platform Audio Creation Tool creation of .xwb files that it creates friendlyNames in not proper way?

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