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C# - store a "reference" of an object : performance killer?

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I've been programming in C# for a long time & one thing I'd love to have there (optionally) are pointers.

I've been developing a game project for several years, & I usually declare attributes in my classes in order to store other handy objects.
For example, I've created a custom ModelMesh in which I store it's parent (container) Model:

class ExtendedModelMesh()
-Model theModelWhoContainsMe;

I do this for example to be able to access easy & quickly to the model's position, rotation, scale attributes & some other things.

My question is: Is it a performance killer? (in this particular case I store the same model along all it's meshes (imagine 150 meshes per model).
Is it not only eating a lot of memory but also slowing down things when fetching up the model?

Thanks a lot,


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