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Simple library visibility issue!

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Turns out visual studio was importing the .cpp files from the library project! Even tho i had not made any sort of reference to it! wierd. By renaming the cpp file in the library, the project using the library simply acted as i suspected.

Hey! im fairly new to c++, using visual c++ and i've encountered a small issue i'd like to have solved!

I'm starting from scratch creating a 2d graphics library, i have successfully created a simple class with a simple function that throws an exception, in the library, exported it as a DLL and a .lib file that links the DLL ( that's how to do it right? ).

I can use the library in a seperate project perfectly well, but when i call the function and the exception is correctly thrown, i can see the .cpp implementation file from my library, even though this is in a completely different project?

I may be misunderstanding things a little bit, but isn't library implementations supposed to be hidden? and if thats not standard, how can i hide my implementation, since i don't want my users to go modifying the library directly.

Thanks! Edited by crovea

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