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Trouble with Direction and get

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Hey everyone,

Having some trouble with a particular part of code. I'm working on creating various classes for user-directed and automated sprite movement. I have created a class [i]Sprite[/i] that I'm working in. I have other classes [i]AutomatedSprite[/i] and [i]UserControlledSprite[/i].

I put the following code in my [i]Sprite[/i] class:

public abstract Vector2 direction

I go on to define the [i]get [/i]in the above mentioned classes. However, when I try to compile, I get the error for this particular piece of code:

[b]'AnimatedSprites.Sprite.direction.get' is abstract but it is contained in non-abstract class 'AnimatedSprites.Sprite'[/b]

I'm working out of [u]Learning XNA 4.0[/u] and I thought I was supposed to put it in this class. I'm not sure where else to put it. I tried putting it in my first Game1.cs class, but that didn't work either. Stumped. Any help is appreciated.

[b]EDIT:[/b] Figured it out. Missed where I needed to make the class Sprite abstract. I tried it, but I put the abstract on the wrong side of [i]class[/i] causing an error. Definitely kick the programmer on this one. I hope this helps someone else learn from my mistake. Edited by Kuam

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