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About low-discrepancy sequence and image filters in ray tracing.

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Hi guys,

I have been reading pbrt and writing my own ray tracer. But I have bumped into a question though.

In pbrt, it implements a low-discrepancy sampler which use the 0-2 sequence to generate high quality samples.
It also states that when low-discrepancy pattern is used, the best image result comes with box filter(or no filter at all).

Does this mean that, if I want to use low-discrepancy samples, then it's not necessary to add any filter to my ray tracer at all?
And pbrt seems to say that the low-discrepancy sampler is the best, so in a filter will not be necessary to get the best image quality.

I also noticed that it's written in pbrt that quasi monte carlo techniques such as low discrepancy sequence cannot be used together with russian roulette?

And, is it really necessary to further shuffle the generated low-discrepancy sequence given that they are already scrambled??
The author of pbrt says it's necessary, other there will be unexpected artifacts. But I have tried otherwise, and the images look just fine for me.

Can someone explain these to me, I am quite confused with all these knowledge.

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