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Apply friction over time

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Im working on a 2D fighting/platformer game. As it is now it works fine, I handle movement by adding vectors to a Velocity vector.

[source lang="csharp"]Velocity += v;[/source]

Then at the end of each frame, where elapsedTime is the time elapsed since previous frame.

[source lang="csharp"]Velocity += gravity; //Apply gravity
Position += Velocity * elapsedTime; //Move the object
Velocity *= 0.8f; //Friction[/source]

Now to the problem: My above functionallity only works accurate if the game is running at 60 fps since the friction multiplication is not time varying, but a constant.

Ive tried where I divide the elapsedTime by the target fps.
[source lang="csharp"]Velocity *= 0.8f/0.016f * elapsedTime;[/source]

I think I have to use Math.Pow() for this to work, but I cant get my head around it. Edited by Doggolainen

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you just have to use friction^timeDelta

edit: however, it would be probably more efficient to do physics with a fixed time step Edited by Inferiarum

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