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Wrack - A cel-shaded, arcade-style FPS

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Hey everyone! I've been a member of the gamedev.net forums for a long time, and thought I'd share something I've been working on for a long time - something I've gotten your help on from time to time! smile.png

Anyway, my name is Brad Carney, and I'm the lead developer behind a new indie FPS called Wrack!



Wrack is fairly unique game in that it fuses a lot of elements from FPS's with those of platformers. While you have large, action-packed levels to explore like in Doom and Duke Nukem 3D, you have all sorts of nerve-wracking (HA!) jumps, heavily themed levels, and Megaman-style bosses every couple of levels or so. The end result is something we call a "first-person platformer", and we're loving the result so far!


Here are some screenshots from the first three levels:
wrack_03.png wrack_08.png wrack_12.png

Also, here's the release trailer:

Finally, here's a great playthrough by OverTheGun:


Wrack has a lot more to offer than just the game itself. There's also:

  • The map editor, WrackEd! Use the included map editor to create your own maps, and share them with the community!
  • Featured maps! Download and play great new maps from the community from within Wrack itself!
  • Leaderboards! Compete against yourself and friends in Wrack's extra game modes: "Time Attack" and "Score Attack"! The goal of these modes is to beat a map as quickly as possible, or with the highest score possible! Your best effort is automatically saved to the leaderboard... along with your replay!


    Wrack is currently available NOW! You can pre-order Wrack for $9.95 (you'll save 33% by doing it now!). You'll get the latest build of the game, as well as access to updates to the game as we finish it up! Plus, you can be part of the community and tell me what you'd like to see in the future!


    You can reach me personally via Twitter, or by email. As far as other ways of keeping in touch with the project:

    SITE: http://www.wrackgame.com/
    TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/WrackGame
    FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/WrackGame
    YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/WrackGame

    Anyway, I hope you're liking what you're seeing so far! There's plenty more to come - in fact, we're working on some great new stuff right now! Stay tuned! smile.png

    Thanks everyone!

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