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Cards Wars [TBS] [Flash]

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Hello! 2 years ago I [url=]posted[/url] about my game beta. Sice then I've learnt Action Script 3, made 6 games to test and enhance my abilies, and now I'm proud to show you the released Cards Wars! I'd be happy if you share your thought in this thread.

[b]Cards Wars[/b] is a turn-based strategy, it's a fusion of Risk board game and card game War.


Every province is garrisoned with 1 - 7 playing cards. If you attack the neighbour, the battle goes on until one of the sides looses 50% of its garrison. The defeated army retreats. The player earns experience points for victorious battles, he can spend them to activate the powerups.

Drag-and-drop - attack or move;
Click - open the Arrangement window;
End Turn button is in the top-left screen corner;
Settings button is in the tor-rigfht screen corner.

You can play the game here:

There is a [b]Hotseat[/b] multiplayer.

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