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C# + XNA or game maker? whats simpler/better networking?

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glhf    585
The game I have a GDD for can be made in both game maker and XNA...
I am only thinking about networking.. Because I am complete newbie in networking.. I have only read a bit about to to get an idea of how it works but never done anything or understood it really because it's so complicated.

Does XNA or game maker come with networking so you can make multiplayer games or do I have to use some other thing for networking? Suggestions? It's a lobby based game where players from 2 to 8 can play on same server.

Thanks so much everyone!

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jbadams    25675
First of all a small piece of business/organisational advise -- and I will preface this by saying that although it is the usual practice, you are absolutely free to do differently in your own endeavour if you for some reason find the established practice to be disagreeable -- based on my understanding that you're considering employing or contracting the services of others, and may be considering taking on a design and management role rather than "getting your hands dirty" doing your own programming:

It is not [i]normally[/i] considered part of the designer's job to choose technology up-front. [i]If[/i] you are intending to hire developers -- and if that is not the case, feel free to ignore this -- it would be more usual to leave the choice of technology to them; it is part of a programmer's job to be familiar with the capabilities, strengths and weaknesses of different packages and approaches, and assuming you find a capable developer they should be well equipped to advise you as to what technology choices may be suitable for your particular situation -- and I should note here that the abilities of the programmer(s) you choose to work with can be a key factor in whether or not a certain choice is suitable.

Now that that's out of the way, a quick look at your actual question -- in case you are deciding to do the programming yourself, or so that you at least have a basic understanding of the options when talking to a programmer.

I don't believe either of the packages you've mentioned explicitly [i]include[/i] networking features, however:
[size=2][b]//EDIT: [/b]It s[/size][size=2]eems XNA does indeed include a networking package -- see responses below.[/size]

Game Maker can use extensions, and a quick search shows that there are already some existing extensions which offer networking functionality. You can therefore consider Game Maker capable of the task in question, although you may need to spend some time evaluating the capabilities of the various networking extensions currently available. The Game Maker community may be able to offer further advice on this. In the unlikely case that none of the existing extensions are suitable for some reason, you might look into the option of having someone create a new one to meet your needs.

In the case of XNA, the development would be done in C#, opening up the possibility of using any networking library which is written in or for which there is a binding for C#, or barring that creating your own binding to a library written in C or C++. This provides you with a multitude of capable options; and I would suggest the programmer you intend to work with might help you with assessing the capabilities of these many options.

You might also check the faq in the Multi-player and Networking forum.

Hope that helps! [img][/img] Edited by jbadams
: Noted correction re: XNA networking. :-)

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6677    1054
Gamemaker: Simpler
C# + XNA: Better

Gamemaker is of course drag and drop and with the pro license you get the scripting engine aswell. XNA is technically an external library for all .net languages (primarily C# but it can be used with others too), with an XNA project you can use ANY other .net library you want to, I think it has its own basic networking libraries included but theres loads for .NET in general which will fit the bill.

My advice is to decide whether your going to write you game with gamemaker or XNA in the first place, and then add networking. To me your post suggests you've never written games before which also means you shouldn't even be thinking about networking yet.

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khagin    110
XNA comes with network libraries for XBox Live and for Windows Live Games, both which require a subscription to be used. However, if you want your game to work over XBox Live, you HAVE to use their libraries.

For a PC game using XNA, I would suggest lidgren: [url=""][/url].

It's a very nice networking library. I've used it for my current MMORPG project and it's very efficient. Edited by khagin

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