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Antony Warnes

Sports Management Game - Where to begin?

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Hi everyone,

I'm researching the feasibility of us producing a wrestling promotion game in a similar (albeit low budget) style to Championship/Football Manager.

Having spent a few weeks online looking at forums like this, I am probably more confused than I was to begin with :(

I was expecting this to be a databased driven game with lots of statistics, attributes photos and a financial element.

It would then need some kind of match engine to throw all the variables together to come up with the repercussions of all the deicsions which are made.

What would be the options in terms of the best language to work on such a project based on my very limited description.

Any help suggestions or insults would be greatly appreciated...

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I'm sorry to say you're not going to get a conclusive answer wherever you look. For example, I will suggest Python, primarily based on the fact that it's relatively easy to learn the basics of and from what I see in your post, nobody on your team has much (if any) programming experience. Others will suggest otherwise and there will just be a discussion about what language is best and why, even though it's largely opinionated.
Anyway, Python, like I said, is pretty user-friendly (in my opinion), but can limit your capacity to expand and develop complicated GUI's or work with graphics (it's still possible, but Python isn't exactly designed to do all that). If you're simply displaying photos, calculating results based on algorithms and displaying them in a primarily text-based interface (you can fancy it up beyond ASCII), then Python is probably a safe bet.
Good luck with your project!

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How about creating a "Fighter" class, with all the attributes, something like:

class Fighter {

string realName;
string stageName;

int salary;

int age;
int weight;

bool troubleWithTheLaw;
bool goingCrazy;


// All the get and set methods.


And you can store the info in an Fighter[totalFighters] array, or to a file.

Take into account that I'm a newbie myself.

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The options are pretty much endless, any language will work, Python is a good choice, if you go web based then python+django is really easy to work with.
For desktop apps you could look at C#, Python or Java. (as these games tend to require fairly heavy user interfaces C# might be the best option there)

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