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Hi Guys,

I'm trying to design an icon for a game that uses the same silver boarder shine effect as the blackberry Facebook icon (see screen below). How would I go about implementing this look. You will notice that a lot of the blackberry apps us this theme. If there's a tutorial you can link me I would appreciate it a lot [img][/img]

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It's a gradient stroke. I'm tempted to actually turn this into a full blown tutorial for my developer journal, but for now here's the basic steps:

To make a gradient stroke on a Photoshop layer you can right click on the layer in the layers sidebar -> Blending Options -> Stroke

Under "Fill Type:" select Gradient. To customize the gradient, click on the gradient sample itself to get to the Gradient Editor. In the Gradient Editor, there's some presets, but in my version (CS4) there aren't any like the one you want.

To make a custom gradient, you move the sliders on the gradient bar in that menu. The "stops" on the top control opacity (you shouldn't need them for this), and the ones under control the actual color. You can create new stops by clicking just below the bar, and change the arrangement of the gradient by moving them back and forth. In the "Stops" box under the gradient/slider bar, there's options to change the color and delete the stop. When you click on a stop, little midpoint sliders pop up (shaped like diamonds)for making the gradient sharper/smoother between stops.

Good luck!

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