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Luabind - .property getter not working

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I just began learning luabind and I'm trying to get the .property getter to work but with no luck.

When I set the getter to a lua variable and try to print it... it prints the function address instead of the value.

I made a simple program to test it here:

using namespace std;
class Test
int stack;
Test(){stack = 0;}
void addStack(){stack++;}
void sayStack(){cout << stack << endl;}
int getStack(){return stack;}
void setStack(int stk){stack = stk;}
int main()
lua_State* l = luaL_newstate();
//Bind the class to lua
luabind::module(l) [
.def("sayStack", &Test::sayStack)
.def("addStack", &Test::addStack)
.property("stack", &Test::getStack, &Test::setStack)
//Create a Test class
Test ts;
//Make lua global test equal to local ts
luabind::globals(l)["test"] = &ts;
//Should make rs = stack,
//Say stack and then print the rs(print same as sayStack)
"rs = test.stack\n"
//Close lua
return 0;

The output here:
function: 005FC568

I tried the setter and it works just fine.... its just the getter that doesnt work.

Does anybody have an idea why and how to get the getter to work?

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